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Information & Explanations About Some of the Immigration Forms That We Handle


  • US Citizenship Application | Form N-400
    Form N-400 is used when applying for naturalization or citizenship.   Some documents that you should have in order to submit this application are: Permanent Resident Card, Marriage Certificate, Form N-426, Request for Certification of Military or Naval Service (if applying for naturalization based on military service), DD Form 214, NGB Form 22, or discharge orders (if applying for naturalization based on military service and separated from service), a copy of your official military orders (if applying for naturalization based on military service and currently serving), evidence of your citizen spouse’s employment abroad (if applying under 319(b)), and two passport-style photographs (if you reside outside the United States).
    Any documents submitted in a foreign language must include a full English translation.
  • Certificate of Citizenship | Form N-600

  • Form N-600 is filed to obtain a Certificate of Citizenship by means of parental citizenship.  
  • Replace Certificate of Citizenship | Form N-565
  • Citizenship Test & Interview


  • Immigration Forms
  • USCIS Forms
  • Adjust Status | Form I-485
  • Employment Authorization Document | Form I-765
  • Deferred Action Application | Form I-821D
  • Travel Document Application | Form I-131
  • Conditional Green Card | Form I-751
  • Duplication Approval Notice | Form I-824
  • Affidavit of Suppoprt Form | Form I-134


  • Visitor Visa | B2 Visa
  • Business Visa | B1 Visa
  • Visa Availability Checker
  • Fiancee Visa | K1 Visa
  • Student Visa | F1 Visa
  • Visitor Exchange Visa | J1 Visa
  • Work Visa | H-1B Visa
  • Skilled/Unskilled Work Visa | H-2B Visa
  • Trainee Visa | H3 Visa
  • Intracompany Transferee | L1 Visa
  • Extraordinary Ability Work Visa | O1 Visa
  • Religious Worker Visa | R1 Visa
  • TN Work Visa | TN Visa
  • US Visa Entry for Spouse and Children

Green Cards

  • Green Card Renewal | Form I-90
  • Green Card Replacement | Form I-90
  • Remove Condition on Green Card | Form I-751
  • Adjustment of Status | Form I-485
  • Green Card by Marriage
  • Green Card for Family