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Law Office of Meenu Sharma
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Law Office of Meenu Sharma

We help you take control of your future.

Our team applies experience, compassion, and legal expertise to provide the most comprehensive care when dealing with your particular immigration challenges.

It is our firm belief that one of the most liberating aspects of life is to have control of your destiny - and helping our clients obtain that level of freedom is paramount!

Meenu Sharma and her team pride themselves on providing the very best care to individuals seeking green cards, visas, ultimately citizenship, or many other immigration related legal matters.  They provide services to individuals, families, and organizations - filling out applications, filing the proper documentation by the assigned deadlines, preparing and supporting clients through interviews, and many other matters.

In the ever changing political climate, it can be very worrisome for a foreign born individual who is not yet a U.S. citizen.   The fear of being deported is a very real threat.  While no one can guarantee your citizenship, Meenu Sharma will work diligently to make sure that all documents are filled out and filed timely, and all deadlines are strictly adhered to - doing everything in her power to help your process along.

Our Practice

The Law Office of Meenu Sharma  |  Immigration Law Specialists Since 2001

Law Office of Meenu Sharma
MEENU SHARMA Immigration Attorney

MEENU SHARMA, JD  |  Immigration Attorney

Born in India, Meenu grew up with a keen interest in the law.  

After graduating, Meenu moved to the United States, passed the Ohio State Bar, and settled in Dayton, Ohio.   She began her practice in 1998, in her company 'The Law Office of Meenu Sharma.'

Meenu handles all facets of the immigration process for individuals and businesses alike.

Our Legal Services

Providing a wide variety of legal services pertaining to immigration and citizenship

At the law office of Meenu Sharma, we help individuals and businesses from foreign lands who have come to the U.S. looking to fulfill their dreams of raising families and working to be productive members of their communities.  Our services include all areas of immigration law, we provide interviews, file documents, and defend clients in court.  Help is only a phone call away!

Immigration Law

Immigration is the movement of people from their native land to a country where they are foreign with the intent to settle or reside there as permanent residents, become naturalized citizens, secure employment, or to raise families.

Document Filing

From the most common documents needed for citizenship, green cards, visas, and other immigration documents to complex business documentation - we handle it all.


Our firm will provide you the highest personal service from your initial interview in our office through any necessary interviews with the U.S. Immigration Service.


In some cases, it is necessary to go to court and we are prepared to provide that service to our clients as well.   We are located in Dayton, Ohio but have had court appearances wherever our clients need.

Law Office of Meenu Sharma - Becoming a Citizen

Becoming a Citizen

According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the requirements for becoming a U.S. citizen include:

Holding a green card
Residing in the United States for at least 5 years before applying
Proficient English language skills
Have an understanding of American history and government
Be of good moral character.

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